Central Wire Industries Slicklines Team

Meet The Team

Across the U.S., Canada, and the UK, the staff of Industrias centrales de alambre includes metallurgists, engineers, and technicians in our labs and customer service representatives who know the production floor as well as the product list. They know the full range of applications of each product. The extended team keeps each aspect of the business running smoothly so that we better serve our customers’ individual needs.

Pictured left to right:

  • Kris Harkless, CWI Houston Plant Supervisor.
  • Mick Causgrove, Technical Sales.
  • Kevin Higgins, President of Wire Division.
  • Not Pictured – James Wright, CWIUK Commercial Director.

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CWI offers 60-plus years of wire manufacturing experience. We’re a market leader in a range of high performance specialty alloys in nickel, stainless, and red metal. We’ve built a solid reputation on reliability, quality, and service. Our deep knowledge of wire processing and metal chemistry allow our staff to provide specialized assistance from product design through production.